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Short Moral Story For Kids in English : The grapes are sour


Once upon a time, a fox was very hungry. She would go here and there sometimes in search of something to eat, but still. He did not see anything tasty .. which he would be satisfied with eating. She was walking around a garden. That he saw bunches of grapes. As soon as he saw it, his heart was filled with joy. His appetite grew brighter. He made a leap so that he could reach the bunch of grapes, but the bunch was a little higher and did not fall into his hands. Now another jump, another and another jump. But the bunches of grapes were very high. So no one was able to help.

Short Moral Story For Kids in English
Short Moral Story For Kids in English

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Exhausted, Lambri stood up. She had just been beaten. When she finally realized that she could no longer pick the grapes, she left, saying, “What can I do? I have to pick the grapes. The grapes are sour.” So what she could not do, she blamed the grapes and satisfied her mind.


Short Moral Story For Kids in English : friendship is a strong weapon

It was summer. A lion went to drink water in the pond. Then a pig also came there to quench his thirst. Both wanted to drink first.

They looked at each other with bloodshot eyes and attacked each other with so much anger that they soon started bleeding.
Feeling tired, both stayed for a while to refresh. Suddenly they heard the screams of vultures. He saw that a large number of vultures were looking at him with longing eyes.

In no time, both the animals understood that the vultures were waiting for one of them to be killed by the other so that they could eat his dead body.

So they both became friends, quenched their thirst and left.

Thus, their friendship saved his life.


By Pooja Yadav

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